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Interview with Oscar-Nominated Film Director, Robert Dornhelm

We are very honored to feature Academy Award and Emmy-nominated  film director, Robert Dornhelm, at TransAtlantic Panorama! The prolific Austrian Film & TV director received the “South East European Film Festival 2018 Legacy Award” during the red carpet gala event of the festival at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills.

“Romanian-born Dornhelm is a symbol of the escape from the communist regime through his film creations and legacy. Destiny would take him to Austria and the United States where his films received international recognition. His 1977 documentary film, “The Children of Theatre Street,” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. He directed the TV miniseries “Anne Frank: The Whole Story” (2002), which received 3 Golden Globe and 11 Emmy nominations including Best Director for Dornhelm and an Emmy win for Best Miniseries. He also directed “Echo Park” (1985), “Requiem for Dominic” (1990), “Sins of the Father” (2002), “War and Peace” (2007), Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy” (2011), and most recently the critically acclaimed international series “Hotel Sacher” (2016) and “Maria Theresia” (2017).”



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